When the dowager duchess of Marcross insists he accompany her niece, Ginny, into
the country for the day to execute a special task, Sir Anthony is appalled, to say the
least. Ginny, who thinks little of the fashionable Sir Anthony, is as eager to be done
with the chore as he, but before they arrive at their destination they are stranded by
highwaymen and launched into adventure. Forced into each other's company, Ginny
begins to sense the passionate nature beneath Sir Anthony's mask of ennui, while
his exasperation with the forthright Ginny turns into admiration of her wit and
charm.  Then beautiful Lucinda Barrington and Lord Avery, a poet, come onto the
scene, sparking Ginny's imagination and revealing a way to unmask the true man
behind Sir Anthony's frivolous facade.  Meanwhile, the dowager duchess has plans of
her own for this pair, and her special task turns into a battle of words, wills, and wit.
Miss Delacourt Has Her Day
(sequel to Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind)

Ginny Delacourt felt the course of true love could not have run smoother. After
all, it required only a fortnight, a pair of highwaymen, a pox quarantine, a sham
betrothal, and a masquerade ball to bring Sir Anthony up to snuff. When her
beloved suddenly becomes the heir to his uncle, the Duke of Marcross, protocol
dictates that he drop the "Sir" from his name. It's his uncle who insists Ginny,
daughter of a lowly vicar, is not the proper bride for a future duke.
Lucinda and Lord Avery arrive on the scene to stir up trouble, and Ginny's
normally manipulative Grandaunt Regina seems helpless to arrange anything,
least of all a frowned-upon wedding. It's up to Anthony, with help from his fussy
valet, to see to it that Ginny has her day. The road to true love just got  a little
by Heidi Ashworth All Rights Reserved
“...a lovely Regency, my favorite kind of story, as
sparkling as champagne, as sweet as chocolate.”~   
~Barbara Metzger, regency romance author
Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind
a Regency era romantic comedy
~A 2011 Whitney Awards Finalist~
Lady Crenshaw's Christmas
Ginny and her beloved Anthony, Lord Crenshaw, are finally married and have
spent the bulk of their first blissful six months of marriage in the country.
However, Ginny must now hostess a Christmas ball at Dunsmere, the estate of the
dowager Duchess of Marcross. How is a mere vicar's daughter to carry off such an
event with no experience and little exposure to the ways of the ton? And how is
she to meet the expectations of her Grandaunt Regina, earn the good graces of
Anthony's uncle the Duke of Marcross, endure the spite of the duke's new wife,
manage the hysterical escapades of Lucinda, Lady Avery, and find the perfect gift
for her husband, all while expecting a babe? All these questions and more are
answered in Lady Crenshaw's Christmas, a short story follow-up to two full length
novels, Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind and Miss Delacourt Has Her Day
available via Montlake Romance.
Lord Haversham Takes Command
RONE Award Nominee: Lord Haversham feels as if he is always running, first from
Lord and Lady Avery, his foolish parents, then from the consequences of a
schoolboy prank gone awry. Now a secret service agent to the young Queen
Victoria, he has run back to England from traitors who seek his life. Little does he
know he is running into danger of a different kind; the perceptive, sapphire-blue
gaze of his childhood love, Miranda Crenshaw. How is he to win her heart without
giving away his secret and endangering the life of the Queen?

Mira's parents, Sir Anthony and Lady Crenshaw, had always assumed their
daughter would wed her lifelong friend, Harry. However, when he returns to
England after a long absence, gone is the boy they had known and loved. Instead
he is Bertie, a silly fop exactly like his flibbertigibbet parents. As such, her parents
feel obliged to wed her to George, the young Duke of Marcross, whom Mira
despises. Instead, she dreams of the man Harry was meant to be. When she
catches a glimpse of him beneath his silly facade, she must find a way to persuade
her parents he is the man for her--before he once again runs out of her life.
The Lord Who Sneered and Other Tales; A Regency
Holiday Anthology

Rone award finalist: Three touching, inspirational tales that evoke the
essence of what we love most about the cold weather holidays. The Lord Who
Sneered: Christmas 1818. Debutante Lady Sophie Lundell has been warned
away from the Marquis of Trevelin by her father, but why? When she meets the
infamous Marquis at her first ball, she is fascinated by his scar, one that causes
his mouth to be drawn into a perpetual sneer. So determined is she to learn
how he came by it, she follows him out onto the veranda and insists on hearing
the story from his own lips. Her curiosity transforms into a profusion of
emotions when she discovers there is more to the Marquis' wicked reputation
than his injured mouth. When Christmas day dawns, she learns that the best of
gifts are bestowed only by the heart.
RONE Award Finalist for Historical: Post Medieval and the recipient
of InD'tale Magazine's 4.5 star review and coveted Crowned Heart
for excellence! Miss Elizabeth Armistead, India born and raised, is
happily betrothed to British soldier, Duncan Cruikshank. When she
arrives in London a month prior to the wedding she meets Mr.
Lloyd-Jones and soon finds that he has invaded even her dreams.
Besides Duncan, Mr. Lloyd-Jones is the only man who makes her
feel as if he sees past her exceptional beauty to the person within.
Her mother would prefer Elizabeth marry the rich and
well-connected Mr. Lloyd-Jones while his sister is ecstatic that he is
now free to woo Miss Armistead since he has broken off his
engagement to the disgraceful Cecily Ponsonby. However,
Elizabeth's commitment to the man she promised to marry is at odds
with the likes of Mr. Lloyd-Jones who has cried off from one
engagement already. How can she betray the man she believes to
love her for her virtues so as to indulge her love for a man she fears
she cannot trust?